EN 11                                                                                        Due:  Oct. 6 (4 copies)
                                                                                                              Oct. 9  (final draft)
                                                                                                    Word count: 750
Division and Classification Essay

               “Dare to be dysfunctional.” – Jerry Springer

             Write an essay in which you analyze and classify a talk show, television program, movie, play or other dramatic performance, analyzing its different components.  Explore the reasons underlying the enthusiasm for such a program.  Does it evoke a strong reaction from the viewer?  Classify different types of shows and give an example of each.  In the first paragraph, explain in the third person how this type of performance is made up of components including premise, format, host, audience participation and feedback, and so on.
            In the second paragraph, devise a scheme of classification for these shows.  In addition to being descriptive, try to explain what such a classification explains about our society and our tastes.  For example, explain how these shows have trends that inform us about our lives today.  Draw from actual scenes, episodes, or acts, and specifically comment on how these relate to your point.  You may make some general statements here which the essay will go on to defend.

             In the third paragraph, you should switch to the first person and become more subjective about your reactions.  How and why do you feel attracted to these performances?  Explain your emotions on watching Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, movies, or any other performance.  For example, you may feel shocked or offended by the behavior of people on such programs.  Explore in some detail the reasons why people continue to be interested in exposing their private lives in a public forum.
            In the fourth and fifth paragraphs, interview at least one other person about his or her reactions.  Relate this person’s opinion to your own and to the general reactions of viewers.  Finally, explain what such a classification explains about our society and our tastes.  And remember to end up the essay reasserting your point.