The ETTC engages the social justice mission of the Graduate School of  Education and Allied Professions and Fairfield University by supporting digital equity for K- 20 students.  We provide technology training for practicing and prospective teachers through our graduate programs and ongoing professional development.

The ETTC is a collaborative initiative, integrating the expertise of the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions and the Academic Support Services at Fairfield University.  We focus on building community partnerships to support educators throughout the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions teacher-preparation programs and provide technology training opportunities for students, faculty and the larger university community.

New and Noteworthy

Our 2014 Summer Schedule will be announced in early April.

Past PD opportunities have included:

Summer 2013For ongoing SMART training and support, contact Jay Rozgonyi or Gayle Bogel.

SMART Resources

Educational Technology Program

SMART Technologies

Through an innovative partnership with SMART Technologies, all pre-service teachers receive training in SMART products and software as part of their  their basic technology courses. Candidates in Masters programs  develop expertise in technology integration through multidisciplinary approaches. With the vast investments in technology infrastructrue available in our public schools, Fairfield University graduates will  be poised to provide technology leadership and support in K-12 schools in Connecticut.

Open Lab Hours 

Graduate Assistants in the Educational Technology Program are available for lab support in DMH 148 throughout the week.  The lab is equipped with software for interactive white boards,  SMART applications,  Inspiration, Kidspiration, and access to a wide range of web-based collaborative tools.  Contact Dr. Gayle Bogel for the Spring and Summer 2014  schedule.

Connected Educators

Connected Educators

From the US DOE 2010
Educational Technology Plan:
Goal: Professional educators will be supported individually and in teams by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that can empower and inspire them to provide more effective teaching for all learners.

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