Notre Dame Clavius Activities summer of 2000

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Notre Dame Clavius Activities
summer of 2000

Clavius Group at Notre Dame in 2000

List of Clavius mathematicians

Hugh Albright FSC
Tom Banchoff
John Blanton
Tom Cecil
Lawrence Conlon
Margaret Freije
Richard Freije
James Heitsch
Michelle Intermont
Ron Knill
John MacDonnell SJ
Joseph MacDonnell, S.J.
Michael May SJ
John Pouikis CSB
Sr Barbara Reynolds SDS
Patrick Ryan
Paul Schweitzer SJ
Dennis Snow
Joanne Snow
James Stasheff
William Stoeger SJ
Pedro Suarez SJ
Carlos Vasco SJ
Pawel Walczak
Andrew Whitman SJ


Clavius Community Notes

Once again Dr. James Powell welcomed us to spend the summer of 2000 as guests of the University in the Department of Mathematics. As on our previous visits to Notre Dame we lived in the is O' Hara-Grace complex of Townhouses each of which is a two story four bedroom house with full bath on second floor and with a kitchen, dining room end half-bath on the first floor. Our seminars took place in the air-conditioned computer Center - Mathematics building. We had office privileges both in the mathematics library and in the main library along with access to the computers. The Eucharist was celebrated each evening in the Townhouse where we also held our business meetings and Faith discussions. A social hour was held following the Liturgy which was followed by a common meal. As in the past we were warmly received by the people at Notre Dame.

Clavius banquets at Notre Dame

Some notes:

Pawel Walczak organized a successful conference in Warsaw this past year
Paul Schweitzer attended a conference organized by the Clay Mathematical Institute.
Ron and Barbara Knill graciously offered their hospitality to those Clavius members who will be attending the national mathematics meeting in New Orleans in January 2001.

Clavius liturgies

A Faith Discussion was held on July 7th, with Paul Schweitzer, SJ, as facilitator. Archbishop Quinn's analysis and commentary on John Paul II's encyclical Ut Unum Sint was the subject for discussion. It was thoughtfully commented on in a searching manner. Since all of the Group work in environments where the Faith is not part of the context, the Archbishop's words were listened to and prayerfully received.

Some Special Events included

7/13, Liturgy and celebration at the home of Dennis and Joanne Snow.
7/14, Jesuits invited to liturgy and dinner with the Jesuits working at Notre Dame.
7/20, St. Ignatius Day Celebration at O'Hara Grace

Some Clavius characters


John Lutts of University of Massachusetts - Boston
Brendan MacDonnell of Regis High School - New York
Maura Mast of University of Massachusetts - Boston
Jose Moreno, SJ of Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City
Jerome Wolbert of University of Michigan

Elizabeth Anne Di Pippo
T.J. Martinez, SJ
Dennis Jacobson
Eduardo Pinzon, SJ,
Sr. Nona Allard, OP,
Kathy Hall
The Schweitzer family
The Fentress family


Special Topics Seminar

July 7, Jose Moreno: Ignation Pedagogy Applied to Mathematics Teaching and Learning
July 13, Ron Knill: Nielson Numbers of Nilpotent Maps of Infra-nilmanifolds
July 14, Mark Johnson: Invariants From Algebraic Geometry in Topological Categories
July 17, Thomas Banchoff: Math Awareness Month 2000 and the Internet:
July 18, Joseph MacDonnell; The Mathematical Search for Superlatives
July 25, Jerome Wolbert: Rocks: Random or Cyclic?
July 26, Thomas Banchoff: Piecewise Circular Space Curves
July 26, Dennis Snow: The Doomsday Algorithm

Clavius scholarly work

Differential Geometry seminar

7/17 Brian Smyth: Geometry of elastic membranes
7/17 Maura Mast: A new family of two-step nilpotent Lie groups
7/18 Patrick Ryan: Intrinsic properties of real hypersurfaces in complex space forms
7/19 Andy Whitman First Method of E. Cartan in discovering the Riemannian
7/20 Nancy Stanton: Real hypersurfaces in complex spaces
7/21 Dennis Snow: Unsolved problems in affine space: homogeneous manifolds

Representation Theory of Lie Algebras Seminar

In this working seminar, participants presented material from selected portions of the text: Representation Theory by Fulton & Harris.

July 5, 6,10,14, 17, 18: Hugh Albright
July 7: Ron Knill
July 11, 20: John Poluikis
July 13, 24: Carlos Vasco
July 25, 26, 27: Andrew Whitman

Foliations seminar

July 10, 11, 12Paul Schweitzer: Novikov's Theorem on the Existence of Reeb Components July 13, Pawel Walczak: Mean Curvature of Vector Fields of Foliations July 14, James Heitsch: A General Families Index Theorem

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