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The Fairfield Jesuit Community
in Fairfield, CT

In the words of the prophet: "A remnant shall remain"

Activities of the Fairfield Jesuit Community

In 1998 we celebrated the 450th anniversary of Jesuit education (which started in Messina, 1548), but this also marks a decline in Jesuit presence at Fairfield University. Today the number of full-time Jesuit faculty stands at six - down from forty, 30 years ago. In fact during the past 50 years an 80% Jesuit faculty has been reduced to 2%. This addresses the frequently asked questions: "Where are the Jesuits?"
An answer to this question is: "Most are with God." So the days of the Jesuits being the primary supporter of the university are over: they have barely enough money to support themselves. In the early days the university survived because the Jesuits returned their salaries to the university and provided the major source of financial stability during the first four decades, while asking (and receiving) nothing from the university in return. We do not have pictures of all the many Jesuits who have served Fairfield University but these pages list the 43 men of today's community and describe some of their occupations. Most of these men are now retired from teaching and do pastoral work.

Ignatius Loyola


ALLEN FRANCIS R. Administrator of the Jesuit Community
ALLEN CHARLES Executive assistant to the President
BARRY DONALD M. Teacher of history in Fairfield Prep
BORGO JOHN V. Teacher of religious education in Fairfield Prep
BOUGHTON MICHAEL G. Headmaster of Fairfield Prep
BOWERING GERHARD H. Professor of Islamic studies at Yale University
BOWLER JAMES Spiritual Director
BURKE MARK J. Student of philosophy at The New School
BURNS VINCENT M. Prof. emeritus of religious studies in the University
CARDONI ALBERT A. Prof. emeritus of philosophy in the University
CARR WILLIAM F. Professor emeritus of philosophy in the University
CARRIER PAUL E. Director of University Campus Ministry
CONNELLY MARK Professor of education in the University
COSTELLO RICHARD D. Professor emeritus of history in the University
DESHAIES RICHARD Chaplain in the University
DOWNING ANDREW Professor of philosophy
ELDER JOHN W. Professor of chemistry in the University
GALLARELLI GEORGE A. Assitant director of counseling in Fairfield Prep
GARAVEL ANDREW J. Student of English at New York University
GROVENBURG< GREGG H. University Campus Ministry
HANNAFEY FRANCIS T. Assistant Professor of religious studies in the University
HEDERMAN JAMES Chaplain in Fairfield Prep
HIGGINS JOHN J. Rector of the community
KENNEDY WILLIAM J. Associate pastor of St. Michael's Parish
KUSTANTO JOHANNES B. student of anthropology at Yale University
LEEBER VICTOR F. Professor emeritus of modern languages in the University
LEWIS FRANCIS W. Professor of education and philosophy in the University
LYNCH DONALD D. Prof. emeritus of English literature in the University
MACDONNELL JOSEPH F. Professor of mathematics in the University
MAYZIK JAMES J Professor of communication/fine arts in the University
MCMANUS FRANCIS director of department for pastoral care
MOY FRANCIS J. Associate pastor of St. Mary's Parish
O'NEIL W. LAURENCE Director of student support services in the University
PELLETIER WALTER R. Teacher of mathematics in Fairfield Prep
PERRY RONALD V. Teacher of religious education in Fairfield Prep
REDDY ALBERT F. Professor of English literature in the University
REGAN THOMAS J. Professor of philosophy in the University
RYAN LAURENCE D. Teacher of Theology and Latin in Fairfield Prep
SCULL JAMES Hospital chaplain at Hartford Hospital
SHAUGHNESSY MARTIN G. Teacher of religious education in Fairfield Prep
SMALL EDWARD J. Associate pastor of Christ the King Parish

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