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The Resident Jesuits


The Role of the Resident Jesuit (R J)

A statement of expectations

As an effective sign of Jesuit presence, certain Jesuits reside permanently in the student residences. The role of the Resident Jesuit is an integral component of Fairfield University. By living in the residence halls the R J shows concern for the welfare of his students as well as his commitment to teach them to trust, to listen, to communicate, to become involved, and to help them to develop human qualities essential to our Jesuit heritage. Directly under the jurisdiction of the President of the University, the R J cooperates with the Office of Student Residences in enhancing student life.

The R J has the primary role in offering spiritual, personal and academic counsel for his students. His experience. maturity and broad educational background, enable him to point the members of his student milieu towards mature judgment and adult responsibility. He communicates regularly with his Resident Advisor R A regarding the morale of the corridor, and also attempts to identify significant problems of individuals or groups of individuals.
The following constitute the substance of the responsibilities assumed by the R J depending on his energy, time, and personal charisms.


1. Through his personal witness and presence he strives to foster among his students a reverence for the dignity of the human person, esteem for the community that is Fairfield University and respect for the property of others.
2. He works with his Resident Advisor to foster a Christian atmosphere based upon the traditional Jesuit interest in the total development of the human person.
3. He calls attention to and encourages the growth of mature concern for faith and justice issues among his students, and helps them articulate their potential as future leaders in our society.
4. He is available for spiritual counseling, and especially in time of sickness and bereavement provides personal support, and by his example encourages students to mutual comfort and other works of mercy.
5. He fosters the liturgical life of his students.


1. He assists individual students in the development of appropriate study habits and assists students in preserving an atmosphere conducive to intellectual growth.
2. He encourages the participation of students in University activities.
3. Together with the student leaders of the residence hall, he helps sponsor cultural, educational and other community projects.


1. He is available to the students to assist in their personal development.
2. He strives especially to familiarize himself with the students on his floor by meeting, visiting, and sharing with them, as circumstances warrant.

Submitted 5/26/88

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