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Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.

Professor of Mathematics
Fairfield University

Fr. Mac
4 May, 1929 - 14 June, 2005
May he rest in peace

A slide show of some persons, places, and things

persons 1 Adam's tree in the Garden of Eden
2 The ancient city of Jerusalem
3 Baghdad College on the Tigris
4 King Faisal to BC on the Tigris
5 Institut des Hautes Etudes in France
6 La place de la Concorde in Paris
7 Institute for Advanced Studies
8 Fairfield University's quadrangle
9 '63 view of the F. U. campus
10 '91 view of the F. U. Chapel
11 '91 view of the F. U. campus


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  1. Life and Times of Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.
  2. Analysis and geometry: applications, theorems and syllabi
  3. History of Fairfield University: description, history and pictures
  1. History of Fairfield University
  2. Why are Fairfield's Buildings Named After Dead Jesuits?
  1. Jesuit history, tradition and spirituality
  1. Spiritual Exercises
  2. Companions of Jesuits

  3. also the five chapters of the book:
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  4. Jesuit Geometers
  5. Gospel Illustrations: Nadal
  6. Life of St. Ignatius Loyola: Pictorial Biography
  7. Spiritual Exercises in Pictures composition of place
  8. Joan of Arc: Insignis
  9. Brief Jesuit History . . . from 1540 to today
  10. Pictorial Jesuit history. . . Jesuit apostolates today
  11. Jesuit Resource Page. . . links to other Jesuit interests.
  12. Sites of the 28 US Jesuit Colleges . . . in chronological order
  1. Jesuit Family Album 202 Sketches of Chivalry (1540-1773)
  2. The Fairfield Jesuit Community
  1. Twelve portraits of our past Jesuit communities
  2. 320 pictures of deceased New England Jesuits (1991-2001)
  1. Adventures of some Jesuit scientists
  2. The Clavius Group (mathematical research)
  3. Two Jesuit schools in Baghdad, IRAQ: 1932-1969.
  1. Architectural Marvels of Ancient Mesopotamia
  2. Baghdad College and Al-Hikma
  1. The Fairfield Mathematics Department {MACS}
  2. A Philatelic Display of Jesuits

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Fr. Mac's engineering marvel: the mathematical bridge linking Kostka Hall
to the Rugby field and offering a learning opportunity for rugby players.

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