The MACS Logo is embedded in the Poincaré model
in the Lobachevskian plane of hyperbolic non-Euclidean geometry.

Some members of our MACS department

1985 Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony

Professors O'Neill and Spoerri with students who are firmly convinced of the value of mathematics

MACS Faculty

The faculty members have excellent credentials and are active in many research areas of mathematics. Faculty doctoral degrees represent a wide variety of universities: Yale, U.C. Berkeley, Warwick (GB), Penn. State, Wisconsin, N.Y.U., Purdue, Columbia, Wesleyan, U.C. San Diego, Brooklyn Polytechnic, Idaho State U. and Birmingham (GB).

Some of the 1997-98 MACS faculty

Members of the MACS faculty

Past group pictures of the MACS faculty: 1980 and 1985

Some MACS faculty

Peter Spoerri

Irene Mulvey

Matt Coleman

Robert Bolger

Chris Bernhardt

George Lang

Laura McSweeney

Ed O'Neill

Joseph Dennin

Benjamin Fine

Adam King

Joan Weiss

Steve Sawin

Joseph MacDonnell, S.J.

Len Euler

The research interests of the faculty are also quite varied: Dynamical Systems, Topology & Fractal Geometry, Structural Dynamics, Group Theory, Statistics, Computer Science, Non Euclidean Geometry, Ruled Surfaces, Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory, Number Theory, Digitial Simulators, Numerical Analysis, Differential Geometry and Lie Groups.

Uniform for the MACS softball team
honoring a favorite theorem

The Department features a quality faculty, a strong curriculum, and lively and intelligent students. Listed below are the faculty members who have excellent credentials and are active in many research areas of mathematics and computer science.

A recent MACS Pi Mu Epsilon induction picture

Chris Bernhardt Ph.D Warwick (G.B.) Dynamical Systems
Robert Bolger M.S. N.Y.U. Topology & Fractal Geometry
Matthew Coleman Ph.D. Penn. State Structural Dynamics
Joseph Dennin Ph.D. Wisconsin Algebraic Number Theory
Benjamin Fine Ph.D. N.Y.U. Group Theory & Statistical Analysis
Adam King Ph.D. U.C.L.A. Artificial Intelligence
George Lang Ph.D. Purdue Algebraic Topology
Joseph MacDonnell S.J. Ed.D. Columbia Geometry & Ruled Surfaces
Laura McSweeney Ph.D Un New Hampshire Statistics, Nonlinear Dynamics
Irene Mulvey Ph.D. Wesleyan Dynamical Systems
Edward O'Neill Ph.D. Yale Topology & Computer Sc. Education
Steve Sawin Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley Math Aspects of Quantum Field Theory
Peter Spoerri Ph.D. Brooklyn Polytechnic Digitial Simulators
Joan Weiss D.A. Idaho State U. Numerical Anal. & Computer Graphics

Our MACS secretary, Mary Hofmann

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