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Gospel Illustrations
Table of Contents

A List of the Compositions of Place

for the contemplations of the SPIRITUAL EXERCISES of St. Ignatius Loyola

Table of Contents for the 153 remarkable woodcuts which have been reconstructed from Jerome Nadal's 16th century publication

"Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia quae in sacrosancto Missae sacrificio toto anno leguntur; cum Evangeliorum concordantia historiae integritati sufficienti"(Antwerp, 1595)

Ten "Third/Fourth Week" Illustrations
#87 Christ enters the city

#100 The Last Supper

#101 Christ washes the feet

#109 Arrest of Christ

#120 Christ before Pilate

#132 Taken from the cross

#134 Christ 's resurrection

#144 Catch of 153 fish

#145 Christ cooks the fish

#149 Pentacost

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It was Jerome Nadal's intention to furnish illustrations of the Gospel stories as an aid to those making the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius, so these illustrations are arranged chronologically according to the activities of Christ's life.
The 153 images divide into three parts:

Part I (1 to 50) Week #2:Christ's infancy and early public life
Part II (51 to 100) Week #2:Christ's public life
Part III (101 to 153) Week #3 & # 4:Christ's Passion and Resurrection

This web page is taken from GOSPEL ILLUSTRATIONS by Joseph MacDonnell, S.J.
which is a reissue of Jerome Nadal's 153 images and is now available.
Published by The Fairfield Jesuit Community
1998 Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.
ISBN 0-9657731-2-4 (paperback)
It contains 155 illustrations
Distributed by Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.
Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT 06430
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Part 1 (1 to 50)

Week #2: Christ's infancy and early pulbic life

1. The Annunciation
2. The Visitation
3. The Nativity
4. The shepherds
5. The circumcision
6. The arrival of the Maji
7. Adoration of the Maji
8. The Purification in the temple
9. Jesus with the scholars in the Temple
10 John the Baptist at the Jordan
11 Pharisees sent to speak to John
12 Christ tempted by the devil
13 The second and third temptations
14 Angels minister to Christ
15 The wedding feast at Cana
16 Driving the merchants from the Temple
17 A large catch of fish
18 Curing Peter's mother-in-law
19 First leave your gift at the altar
20 Love your enemies
21 Concerning fasting
22 Concerning genuine treasure
23 Concerning faith in God
24 Concerning the poor
25 Beware of false prophets
26 Cure of a leper
27 Cure of the centurion's servant
28 Son of the widow of Naim
29 The storm at sea
30 The paralytic lowered through the roof
31 Cure of the daughter of Jairus
32 John sends two disciples to Christ
33 The good Samaritan
34 Mary Magdaline washes Christ's feet
35 The Samaritan woman at the well
36 The Samaritan woman returns
37 Cure of the ruler's son
38 Parable of the sower
39 Weeds are sown among the wheat
40 The attempt to throw Christ off a cliff
41 Disciples rest after crossing the sea
42 The loaves and fish
43 Christ feeds 5,000
44 Christ walks on the Water
45 Christ expels the deaf mute's demons
46 The Jews seek a sign from Christ
47 Cure at the five porticoes
48 Cure of the paralytic on the Sabbath
49 Invitation to the great banquet
50 The Jews wanto kill Christ

Part II (51 to 100)

Week #2: Christ's pulbic life

51 Pharisees conspire against Christ
52 Pharisees send envoys to trap Christ
53 Christ liberates the adulteress
54 Christ teaches daily in the temple
55 The dangers of disbelief
56 A strident dispute with Pharisees
57 Cure of the man born blind
58 The good shepherd
59 Crafty Pharisees try to entrap Christ
60 Christ and the "tradition" of the Pharisees
61 The Cannanite woman
62 Christ cures the deaf mute
63 Transfiguration
64 Christ is falsely accused
65 The lost sheep and lost drachma
66 The Prodigal Son
67 The Prodigal Son squanders his wealth
68 The Prodigal Son becomes a swineherd
69 A loving father welcomes the son
70 On children and on fraternal correction
71 The ungrateful servant
72 The eleventh hour laborers
73 The great banquet
74 The death of Dives and Lazarus
75 In vain Dives asks Abraham's help
76 Christ is told of the death of Lazarus
77 Christ goes to Bethany
78 Christ raises Lazarus
79 The consul plan to kill Christ
80 Christ predicts his Crucifixion
81 Christ cures 10 lepers
82 Request of the Mother of James & John
83 Christ cures the blind man at Jericho
84 At the home of Simon the leper
85 Christ rides on a colt
86 Christ looks out over Jerusalem
87 Solemn entry into the City
88 Christ again drives out the merchants
89 Gentiles come to talk to Christ
90 The Pharisee and the Publican
91 The tenant farmers
92 They kill the son outside the vineyard
93 The King hosts a wedding feast for his son
94 About the tribute to Caesar
95 Christ is asked about the First Commandment
96 he teachings of the Scribes and Pharisees
97 About the anti-Christ
98 What precedes the General Judgment
99 The General Judgment

Part III (101 to 153)

Weeks #3 and #4:Passion and Resurrection

100 Preparation for the Last Supper
101 Washing the feet at the Last Supper
102 Institution of the Holy Sacrament
103 The events after Holy Communion
104 "In a little while you will not see Me"
105 The coming of the Holy Spirit
106 The need for prayer
107 Christ prays in the Garden
108 Armed men enter the Garden
109 Peter cuts off the ear of Malchus
110 Christ is taken prisoner
111 Brought to the High Priest Annas
112 Before Annas. Peter denies Christ
113 Caiaphas. Pater again denies Christ
114 Silence of Christ. Peter's third denial
115 After the dismissal of the Sanhedran
116 Events before the Sanhedran
117 Before Pilate: Judas hangs himself
118 Early events at Pilate's praetorium
119 Events at Herod's Palace
120 The later events of Pilate's praetorium
121 Christ is scourged
122 Christ is crowned with thorns
123 Between crowning and sentencing
124 Pilate sentences Christ
125 Christ is led to Mount Calvary
126 Events just before the Crucifixion
127 Christ is Crucified
128 The cross is elevated
129 Events before death
130 Christ gives up His spirit
131 Christ descends to the nether world
132 Christ is taken down from the cross
133 The burial of Christ
134 The Resurrection of Christ
135 The apparition to his Mother Mary
136 Meeting the women at the sepulcher
137 Appearance of the angel to the women
138 Peter and John come to the sepulchre
139 Christ appears to Mary Magdeline
140 Christ appears to the women
141 Two disciples on the road to Emmaus
142 Christ's appearance without Thomas
143 Christ's appearance with Thomas
144 Christ appears at the Sea of Tiberius
145 Christ eats with his disciples
146 Christ appears on Mount Tabor
147 Just before the Ascension
148 The Ascension of Christ into Heaven
149 The Day of Pentecost
150 Dormition of the Mother of God
151 Burial of the Virgin Mary
152 The Virgin Mary is joined with her Son
153 The Assumption of Mary into heaven

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Table of contents
Part I (1 to 50) Week #2:Christ's infancy and early pulbic life
Part II (51 to 100) Week #2:Christ's pulbic life
Part III (101 to 153) Week #3 & # 4:Christ's Passion and Resurrection

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