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Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.

Professor of Mathematics at Fairfield University

4 May 1929 - 14 June 2005 RIP

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Before coming to Fairfield in 1969, Joseph MacDonnell, S.J. spent eight years in Baghdad teaching physics and mathematics at the two Jesuit schools: Baghdad College and Al Hikma University. As physics teacher on Al-Hikma's first faculty he authored both the Thermodynamics and Mechanics Laboratory Manuals. At Baghdad College he directed an extensive Ignatian retreat program, and in 1957 he produced Iraq's first television science program: an hour-long demonstration of physics experiments. Later he coached a championship basketball team where he introduced a "new type of defense", referred to on the sports pages as "al man-to-man defense". (which in fact was invented by Dr. Naithsmith in 1891). Up to this time the only known defence in Iraq was "al zone".

Since the 1968 Baathi takeover of the two Jesuit schools and expulsion of all Jesuits from Iraq in 1969 he has been teaching mathematics at Fairfield University where he was appointed full professor by the faculty in 1985, was voted "Teacher of Year" by the students in 1986 and awarded the Distinguished Faculty award by the graduates in 1995. He published other books including Jesuit Geometers, Jesuits by the Tigris, Companions of Jesuits, If These Stones could Speak, Jesuit Family Album and other books about the campus. He has also published 18 articles, two of which were translated into French and Spanish.

His masters degrees in Philosophy and in Theology are from Boston College; his masters degree in Mathematics is from Fordham and his doctorate in the teaching of mathematics is from Colombia University. Each summer he spends five weeks with the Clavius Mathematical Research Group at exotic places like the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton (IAS), the Institute for Advanced Studies in France (IHES), and at universities such as Berkeley, Boston College, Fairfield University, and Notre Dame.

The Clavius Group at IAS in 1994Fairfield Jesuit Community in 1996 comm



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Recent Papers Presented

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