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and the Jesuit Tradition


The expression "Jesuit Tradition" stimulates unexpected reactions even among colleagues in our own schools. It intimidates some whose image of the Society came from books like Shogun, so that they see the Society as a kind of fanatical and evil empire. Others are uncomfortable with the idea of being engaged in some form of Christocentric plot in which they seem to be only marginally included. Finally there are those who use the expression to justify academic programs that have nothing to do with Jesuits or Tradition.

Today there is a great deal of interest among scholars in the contributions of Jesuits to science and here we celebrate some of these Jesuit mathematicians and scientists who embody the Jesuit tradition of scholarship, dedication and service. Unfortunately, we cannot say that they are typical Jesuit educators, but they are a flesh and blood illustration of what we Jesuits think we are trying to accomplish along with our non-Jesuit colleagues in the educational apostolate.

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