Links to Data Sets (updated 8/2017):



1.)  Data and Stories Library


2.) Census Bureau  (Use Data Tab)


3.)  US Bureau of Labor Statistics


4.)  State of Connecticut Statistics (Use the link for Research)


5.) General Social Survey (Use Get Data tab)


6.)  Journal of Statistical Education (Use the Link: Data Archive on the Left)


7.)  Virtual Library of Statistics (Under Data Sources)


8.) Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center


9.)  Time Series Data Collection (maintained by Rob Hyndman and Muhammad Akram).


10.)  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Use Tab More CDC Topics and use the Data and Stats link)


11.) Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center (Use the links under Data Archive)


12.) Bureau of Justice Statistics (summarized data)


13.) Inter-university Consortium for Politcal and Social Research (use the Data Link on the top left corner)


14.) National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (may need to register)


15.) Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics


16.) FedStats  (Click on Data Releases tab)


17.) Federal Research Economic Data (FRED)


18.) National Center for Health Statistics


19.) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)


20.) United Nations (helpful for the social sciences and others interested in demographic, health, environmental, and other issues, includes links to 33 databases)


21.) EdSight (Connecticut Education Data and Research)


22.) Link to a collection of data sets collected by Prof. Robin Lock of St. Lawrence University.  Scroll down to the section “ Data, Data and More Data”.


23.)  You can also use your favorite web search engine to locate data sets.  But be sure to critique the source of the data.


24.) National Sleep Foundation (look at yearly studies and download raw data)



Online Tools and Demos:

1.)  Chance Database (Cool examples and student projects)


2.)  Rossman-Chance (Statistical) Applets


3.) UCLA Statistics Calculators (neat online tools)


4.) Vassar’s Online Calculators and Stat Resources