Studio Fairfield

The MEDIA CENTER is primarily a television production department of Fairfield University but it also works to mentor students striving to find a voice for their ideas through film and television. The Center strives to produce films and videos that capture and convey the Jesuit mission of educating to empower and motivating to serve. It helps Fairfield University to reach out to the world and to its community of students, faculty, alumni, and friends. The Media Center, with its skilled and experienced staff, is constantly adding to and upgrading equipment and software to maintain a uniquely professional facility that includes a fully-equipped production and satellite uplink truck, two studios, high-definition cameras, editing labs and a head-end for the University’s closed-circuit high definition television network.

Students in Fairfield University’s NEW MEDIA FILM, TELEVISION and RADIO program produce movies that explore the world for meaning and inspiration. In collaboration with the Fairfield University’s Media Center, these film students have traveled to places near and far, and used the television medium to tell stories, to document events and retell history. The videos are as varied as life itself and showcase the talents, imagination and passion of our students.