St. Ignatius Rap, The Olive and St. Ignatius & Ignatian Pedagogy

Three videos with very
different approaches to
telling the story of
St. Ignatius of Loyola.
  Greetings from
Havre de Grace

Residents in a Maryland town talk about the idea of Grace.
  Voices of Others
Scholars, theologians and
social activists discuss issues.
  The Vocation of the Teacher
in the Ignatian Tradition

is an in-depth look at what makes Jesuit teaching different from other Traditions. 
  The Caryatid
Hairstyling Project

Greek hairstyles of ancient Caryatid statues from Athenian Acropolis come to life on Fairfield student students.
St. Ignatius Today
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St. Ignatius Rap
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  the olive

The Olive
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Ignatian Pedagogy
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From the Production Facilities of Fairfield University Media Center

Each of these three DVD videos offers a different and fresh perspective of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

❧ The Olive - a Spanish olive detailing Ignatius’ life in a humorous way.
❧ St. Ignatius Rap - a rap video where St. Ignatius tells his story.
❧ Ignatius & Ignatian Pedagogy - a fast-paced documentary featuring top Jesuit educators.

ST. IGNATIUS RAP (2008; TRT: 3 minutes 45 seconds)

A very cool “St. Ignatius” tells his story here through the rhythmic rhymes of Rap music. Colorful and uniquely targeted to the young and hip who might not “appreciate” St. Ignatius’ story told in the more traditional manner.

Targeted audience: students of Jesuit institutions
Written and directed by Pat Ginnetty, class of 2007
Edited by Pat Ginnetty and Bridget Lake, Media Center
Produced by the Media Center, Fairfield University

THE OLIVE (2009; TRT: 10 minutes)

Who better than a Spanish olive to tell the story of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, and probably the most famed Spanish Basque of all time! This Monty Python-esque video gives the historical details of his life in a uniquely humorous way. Animated using Adobe After Effects, it is a composition of still photographs and iconic, historical paintings, with the Olive moving through and “interacting” with elements of these static environments.

Targeted audience: students, faculty and staff of Jesuit institutions
Written, animated and edited by Jason Kapell, Media Center, Fairfield University


This two-part DVD is a fast-paced, compelling documentary featuring leading Jesuit educators. The experiences and insights of St. Ignatius inspired and challenged many in his time to change the way they saw and interacted with the world. Part 1 of this DVD details the life of St. Ignatius, his journey to serve God, his documented spiritual transformation that lives on in the Spiritual Exercises, and the early Jesuits entry into schooling. Part 2 continues with an exploration of Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach. This pedagogical paradigm inspired by the writings of St. Ignatius was created for use in today's Jesuit schools which have seen a declining number of resident Jesuits and whose lay instructors have been challenged with carrying on this tradition of cura personalis and service to others.

Targeted audience: Faculty and staff at Jesuit and other educational institutions
Recorded over two years beginning 2007 in Paris at a conference on Jesuit pedagogy
Edited by Casey Timmeny, Media Center, Fairfield University