[Dr.] Nancy Dallavalle

Office:  Donnarumma 204 – ext. 2364 – ndallavalle@fairfield.edu
Office Hours:  Wednesdays 9:00 -- 11:00 am, and by appointment
RS 230 A 32775 [Monday/Thursday 11:00-12:15] / RS 230 B 32705 [Monday/Thursday 12:30-1:45]

Course Description:  This course is an introduction to the beliefs, doctrines, ideas and practices that shape the unity and diversity of the Catholic tradition.  The course explores theological, devotional and spiritual forms of expression in their historical and cultural contexts in order to appreciate the particularity of Catholic themes. Consideration is also given to how these themes engage contemporary Catholic life and exercise an influence on the wider culture. This course is offered through the Creative Life Residential College and the Ignatian Residential College.  Our study of Catholicism will inform the question “whose am I?” as we ask what it means to be formed by the faith and (communal) practice of a particular religious tradition.

Required Texts: 
Gerard O'Collins, Catholicism: a very short introduction ISBN-13: 978-0199545919
Rita Ferrone, Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium (Rediscovering Vatican II) ISBN-13: 978-0809144723
James Martin, SJ, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything:  A Spirituality for Real Life ISBN-13: 978-0061432699

right, Gaudí's "Sagrada Familia," Barcelona, wikimedia