My research interests are in: Empirical Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics, specifically related to music and media industries.

Google Scholar Page

Working papers:

"Bundling information goods to reduce search costs" (with Jason Walter)

Published Papers:

"Using Aggregate Market Data to Estimate Patent Damages" International Journal of Industrial Organization

"Sales Displacement and Streaming Music: Evidence from YouTube" Information Economics and Policy

"Market Structure and Media Diversity" (with Scott Savage and Donald Waldman) Economic Inquiry

"The rise of streaming music and implications for music production" (with Jason Walter)

"Improved Performance with More Realistic Goals: Evidence from Boston Marathon Qualifiers" (with Mariya Burdina and Neil Metz) Journal of Economic Psychology

"Exclusive Dealing and Its Effects: The Impact of Large Music Festivals on Local Music Venues" Review of Industrial Organization

"The Importance of Quality: How Music Festivals Achieved Commercial Success" Journal of Cultural Economics

"Profitably Bundling Information Goods: Evidence from the Evolving Video Library of Netflix" Journal of Media Economics