EC 150 - Media Economics



Overview of Final Project

First Exam Answers


For class 2: Cost of Making an Album and How Much to Make a Hit Song? podcast, Supplementary: iTunes Pricing

For class 3: Super Bowl Ad Costs Explained and Netflix's Rising Costs, Supplementary: Super Bowl Ads Podcast

For class 4: Netflix and Barriers to Entry and Tech's broader barriers to entry and Super Bowl music boost
Supplementary: Beer and market power podcast

For class 5: Market Structure of the Music Industry and Price to Book Your Favorite Band (and Assignment - by price level list which bands you know. From that division, tell me what you think that says about the market structure of the music industry.) and The Last Mile Podcast

For class 6: Saving Cinema and Movie Ticket Podcast and Why Hollywood is already over

For class 7: Television programming and YouTube Programming and YouTube TV

For class 8: Antitrust and Facebook, Google, and Amazon and How to Tame them
and Disney Assignment - Write a page on the vertical and horizontal integration Disney has used over the last 50 years, and on a separate page give a graphical representation of these integrations.

For class 9: Amazon Bets on Content and Netflix, Roma, and showing movies in theaters and Roma and Commercial Success

For class 10: Exam 1

For class 11: Superstar Economy
(You can skip pp 19-20, any tables and equations but read for substance. Particularly introduction and conclusion should be well understood.) and Superstar Economy Podcast

For class 12: Why is the ticket market so screwed up? (podcast) and Secondary Market Evidence - Introduction and Conclusion

For class 13: Product differentiation and film programming choice (Need to access on campus or have it emailed to your Fairfield address) - Just read the Intro and Conclusion

Spring Break

For class 14: Do mergers increase product variety? - Just read the Intro and Conclusion AND Fairfield movie theater (differentiation) assignment where you compare the movie options for the two theaters in terms of the Chisholm paper.

For class 15: Freemium Models and The saga of Moviepass

For class 16: File Sharing and Music and File Sharing and Movies

For class 17: How do Social Media Companies Make Money? and Twitternomics and Facebook and Privacy

For class 18: Profitability of Video Games and More on Video Games and How Fortnite makes money and Assignment - 1 page on a company using social media in some way that has nothing to do with advertising (cannot be Google Flu Trends or unemployment).

For class 19: Taylor Swift and Spotify and Streaming Economics
and Spotify goes public

For class 20: The Great Unbundling and Buzzfeed improves newspapers and Buzzfeed is the most important news organization

For class 21: The Power of a playlist and Recommendation Engines

4/25 - Second midterm

5/4 - Final projects (hardcopy) due by noon.