Vincent J. Rosivach

Classical Studies

Fairfield University

DMH 126

(203) 254-4000, x2337


office hours: will be posted here during the second full week of classes

curriculum vitae


Courses fall 2107

CL106/EN106 Masterpieces of Greek Literature in English Translation

GR111 Elementary Attic Greek

GR211 Intermediate Greek Readings II

GR325 Advanced Greek Readings I

LA111 Basic Latin

LA210 Readings in Latin Prose and Poetry I (Terence)


Courses spring 2017

CL107/EN107 Masterpieces of Roman Literature in English Translation

GR210 Intermediate Greek Readings I

LA211A Readings in Latin II (Catullus and Horace)

LA211B Readings in Latin II (Sallust's Catilina)


Courses fall 2016

CL127/EN127: Romantic Love in the Literature of Greece and Rome

GR111: Elementary Attic Greek

LA111: Basic Latin

LA210: Latin Readings - Comedy


A Minimalist GreekGrammar for Reading