CL 103A/EN 203A  Masterpieces of Greek Literature in English Translation

(fall 2009)

schedule of readings and study questions
final paper

links to readings:

Homer, Iliad (tr. Murray); (tr. Butler); (tr. Lang et al. [download zip file)

Homer, Odyssey (tr. Murray); (tr. Butler); (tr. Butcher and Lang [download zip file])

Homeric hymn To Demeter (tr. Evelyn-White; tr. Nagy)

Hesiod, Works and Days (tr. Evelyn-White), (another version of same)

Aiskhylos, Prometheus Bound (tr. Morshead); (tr. Smyth)

Aiskhylos, Agamemnon (tr. Morshead); (tr. Smyth); (tr. Browning)

Sophokles, Aias/Ajax (tr. Jebb); (tr. Trevelyan)

Sophokles, Oidipous Tyrannos (tr. Jebb), (another version of same): (tr. Storer)

Sophokles, Antigone (tr. Tyrrell and Bennett); (tr. Jebb)

Euripides, Medeia (tr. Kovacs); (tr. Major)

Euripides, Hippolytos  (tr. Kovacs)

Euripides, Troades/Trojan Women (tr.Coleridge

; (tr. Murray [download zip file]; (tr. anonymous)

Euripides, Bakkhai /Bacchant Women (tr. Buckley); (tr. Colleridge)

Aristophanes, Lysistrate (tr. Lindsay); (tr. another version of the same)

Aristophanes, Frogs (tr. Dillon); (tr. Rogers)

Menandros, Dyskolos (tr. Rosivach)

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Encylopedia Mythica (search box in upper right corner)

Classical Myths: the Ancient sources

maps (scroll down for links)

Carlos Parada, Greek Mythology Link

DiMenna-Nyselius Classical Studies Research Guide

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