Greek Literature in Translation

reading assignments

fall 2009

Instructions for the Final Paper:

  1. The paper will be based on additional readings equivalent in length to roughly three Greek tragedies.
  2. E-mail me your choice of readings before 9:00 am on November 11. If the proposed readings are acceptable I will e-mail you back. If there are problems we can discuss them at the end of class on November 12. If you do not choose your readings by November 11, readings will be assigned to you. Readings assigned in this manner cannot be changed under any circumstances whatsoever.

    - Translations for most of your papers will be found at the Perseus website. Be patient: it may take a while to load. When loading is completed, scroll down to find the author and text you want.

  3. Write study questions similar to those which we have used for the in-class readings and discussions. The quality of your questions will be one of the factors determining your grade for this assignment.
  4. E-mail your study questions to me before 12:01 am on November 30 (i.e. midnight between Sunday and Monday). I will either approve your study questions at that time or give you alternative ones if necessary. I may also give you >additional instructions at that time.
  5. Answer two or three of the approved study questions. If I have given you additional instructions, be sure to follow them. The combined length of your paper should be 5-6 pages (Times Roman 12 point).
  6. Please include the following statement with your paper:

    Any ideas or language that I have gotten from another source have been indicated with appropriate bibliographical citations. Any ideas or language not so indicated are my own.

    Papers without this statement will be returned as incomplete. Incomplete papers must be completed by the due date (no. 8 below) to receive credit.

  7. Send your paper as a Word document attached to an e-mail addressed to
  8. The paper is due at the time and day assigned by the registrar for the final exam in this course. It may not be submitted earlier than the Reading Day before exams begin.
  9. Please put your e-mail address at the top of the first page of the paper. Graded papers will be returned to you by e-mail.