Porcius Licinius:


Guardians of the sheep and of their tender offspring, the lambs,

You look for fire? Come here; do you look for it? This man is fire.

If I but touch with my finger, I will immediately set the forest on fire

and all the herd is flame, everything wherever I look.




Qunitus Lutatius Catulus:


My soul has fled from me; I imagine, as usual, to Theotimus

it has gone. Thus it is. It has that refuge.
What if I had not forbidden him to let that fugitive in.,

but rather to throw him out?

We will go to find him, but I fear that we ourselves may be held.

What do I do? Venus, give you advice.






The two poems are quoted by Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 19.9.13-14.