Final Essay:


Write an essay, five to five-and-a-half pages in length, on "The Distinguishing Characteristics of Roman Literature." In essence, what combination of characteristics appears in all or most of Roman literature and makes it distinctively Roman?



In writing your essay cite at least two illustrative examples for each characteristic you mention. Your examples overall should be drawn from at least half of the weekly reading assignments.


You may organize your essay in any way you choose.


In reading your essay I will be looking for the variety and appropriateness of the characteristics you identify, and the suitability of the examples you choose.


This essay is due on the date set by the Registrar for the final exam in this course, but it may be turned in as early as the first reading day.


Please put your name and return e-mail address at the top of your essay. Essays with e-mail addresses will be returned during the last week of May.


Please include the following statement at the end of your paper:


I affirm that all ideas not otherwise so indicated are my own or have come from the course's classroom lectures and discussions. Any ideas that are not my own or drawn from the course's classroom lectures and discussions have been indicated by appropriate bibliographical references.