Study Questions For Satire, Martial, And Petronius' Satyricon:


1. Obviously the Roman literary genre of satire is very different from our modern concept of satire. On the basis of your reading of Horace's and Juvenal's satires, what exactly was Roman satire?


2. Contrast the satires of Horace and Juvenal.


3. What adjective would you use to characterize Martial's epigrams? Why?


4. What adjective would you use to characertize Martial as we see him through the epigrams we have read? Why would you choose this adjective?


5. How do you imagine a typical Roman reader* would react to Petronius' Satyricon? Why?


6. How does Petronius' Satyricon fit into your concept of Roman literature?



*By this point in the course you should have a pretty good idea in your mind of who the typical Roman reader was, both from all that we read and from what we've discussed in class.