use five core courses for a Classical Studies Minor

CL 108/EN 108  Myth in Classical Literature

(spring 2018)


class materials

January 18: Introduction and Orientation

group assignment

January 22, 25: Myth and Religion


January 29, February 1: Myth as Story Telling I

close-reading assignment

February 5, 8: Myth as Story Telling II


February 12, 15: Myth and Geography

final paper

February 20, 22: Exploring the Human Condition I


February 26, March 1: Exploring the Human Condition II


March 5, 8: Myth, History and Ideology I


March 19, 22: Myth, History and Ideology II


March 26, 29: Exploring the Human Condition III


April 9, 12: Myth at Play I


April 16, 19: Myth at Play II

April 23, 26: Myth at Play III/School-Book Mythology

April 30 +: group reports



Prof. Rosivach

office hours: Monday and Thursday 12:30 pm; Wednesday 9:00 pm

(please come at the start of the period; I will stay as long as there is someone to see. please e-mail me if you plan to come in the evening)

office: DMH 126


No class on February 15. We'll pick up with the February 20/22 readings next Monday. Later this week I'll post some introductory notes to the two plays on the study-questions page for that week. Apologies for the inconvenience.