spring 2018


Write a five- to seven-page essay on "The Nature and Uses of Mythology in Classical Literature." Rather than a collection of comments on the various class readings your essay should address the larger themes we have addressed in the course, using references to the readings to document/illustrate each point that you make. You may use the same reading to document/illustrate more than one point, but you must use examples/illustrations from at least eight of the eleven weekly reading assignments in the course of your essay. Your grade will be based on the suitability of the themes you identify, the quality of your comments elaborating those themes, and the appropriateness of the texts you used to document/illustrate them.


The essay calls for references to the class readings. Do not quote the readings unless you feel it is absolutely necessary; and if you do quote anything, keep it as brief as possible. Include the references as part of your essay (e.g. "we can see this in Hesiod's Theogony," "lines 110-125 of Euripides' Ion are an example of this"); do not use footnotes for references to the readings.


This is an exam, not a research paper. You are not expected to use modern sources, though you are free to read anything you choose. If you do take an idea from a modern source you must cite that source in a footnote. Ideas developed in our class discussions should not be referenced. Please include the following statement at the end of your paper:


Any ideas or language that I have gotten from another source (other than class) have been indicated with appropriate bibliographical citations. Any ideas or language not so indicated are my own or derived from class.


This essay is due at the date and time scheduled by the registrar for the final exam in this course, but you may submit it as early as the first reading day. Late papers will not be accepted except in the case of illness or similar emergency. Send your essay as a Word document attached to an e-mail addressed to I will acknowledge recept of all papers; if you do not hear back from me within twelve hours e-mail me again to find out what happened. Please put your return e-mail address at the top of the first page. I will e-mail you your graded essay shortly after final exams are over.exams are over.