CL/EN108 Group Report:


1.     Choose an historical event that occurred before 2000.


2.     Imagine that event as if it were:


a.     set in the Heroic Age

b.     written by one of the authors whose works we have (or will have) read this semester.


3.     Prepare a fifteen-minute oral report:


a.     describing your reimagined event

b.     the reason(s) why you reimagined it in the way you did.


The fine print:


a. Students will work in groups of three to five. if you wish to work together with someone in particular let me know before noon on next Wednesday ( If I do not hear from you by then, I will assign you to a group myself.


b.The object of this exercise is for you to explore how mythology was used in ancient literature. Therefore choose an event that will best allow you to do this.


c. This is a serious exercise, so be sure to take it seriously. Do not play it for laughs.


d. Be sure that your reimagined event is faithful to the way your chosen ancient author uses mythololgy in his work. Needless to say, this will require having a clear idea of how he does.


e. Assume that I will know nothing about your chosen event, so include a description of it in your report.


f. Your presentation should take ten to fifteen minutes.


h. Reports will be presented during the last week's classes.


i. In the group presentation every member of the group is responsible for everything.


j. Remember: this assignment is worth 10% of you semester grade. Prepare accordingly.