To configure your keyboard to type in Greek:*

1. Click on “Start”

2. Click on “Settings” (in older versions)

3. Click on “Control Panel”

4. Click on “Regional and Language [Options]”

5. Click on the “Languages” tab

6. Click on “Details” or “Change Keyboards”

7. Click on “Add”

8. Click on plus box before “Greek” to expand

9. Click on “Greek polytonic” for the Keyboard Layout/IME

10. Click on OK to close the various boxes

To switch between languages:

1. Click on the blue box with white EN near the right of your toolbar

2. Click on EL – keyboard is now Greek



>ò å ñ ô õ è é ï ð

á ó ä ö ã ç î ê ë        single quote = smooth breathing; double quote = rough breathing

æ ÷ ø ù â í ì , .          left curved bracket ({) = iota subscript

*Only for Word documents.  It’s easier if you print these instructions out, rather than switching back and forth.