Final Essay:


Dear All,


Please excuse me for changing the topic of this final paper.  I hope that the new topic will be both easier to write on and far more interesting.



The Heauton Timoroumenos has a good deal to say about gender and sex. Write a 3-4 page essay on (a) the stereotypical view(s) of girls and women held by the society represented on stage and (b) Terence’s own attitude towards his characters’ view(s), as far as this can be determined from the text of the play.



- You may organize your essay in whatever way you think best, but be sure to write on both parts of the topic above.


- Your essay is to be based on the entire play, not only on the part read in class.


- You would probably find it advisable to re-read the entire play in English before starting on your essay.


- This is not a research paper. This essay is to reflect your own ideas as they have developed over the course of the semester. You may draw on materials covered in class, and you may discuss your ideas with others in the class, but you are expected not to consult any other sources, either printed or on the web. The use of such other sources will result in a D for the course.


- This essay is due on the date set by the Registrar for the final exam in this course, but it may be submitted at any time beginning with the first reading day.


- Send your essay to me in the form of a Word document attached to an e-mail addressed to Please put your return e-mail address at the top of your essay. Graded essays will be returned by e-mail in early January.