Instructions for the group assignment:


1. pick a contiguous chunk of fifty lines from the Heauton Timoroumenos


2. collectively (re-)translate the fifty lines from Latin to English


3. prepare to act out the fifty-line chunk in Latin, such that anyone in the group can do any of the roles in the scene


- "act out" means read dramatically, text in hand, with appropriate gestures and stage movements


- you don't have to memorize anything


4. presentations will be given outside of class during the last week of classes in December




a. Fitzgerald, Haffey, Smith, Wooley

b. Jones, A. Melia, K. Melia, Spellman

c. Affenito, Gaisser, Gandhi, Heckler

d. Herbold, Lenahan, Lydon

e. Kelley, Nolan, Nordgren