final essay
spring 2018

Write an essay, four to five pages in length, that answers the following questions:


1. According to Sallust, what was wrong with the Rome of his day?

2. What would a similar "America ain't what it used to be" complaint contain (one paragraph)?

3. Why are Sallust's complaint and your answer to question 2 different? What does this tell us about the difference between America today and Sallust's Rome?


Note: The purpose of this essay is for you to show your understanding of Sallust's indictment of the Rome of his day. The comparison with contemporary America is just a means to that end.


The deadline for this assignment is the day and hour set by the Registrar for the final exam for this course. You may send it to me earlier, but not earlier than the first reading day. Except for the normal emergencies there will be no extensions beyond the deadline.


Send you essay to me in the form of a Word document attached to an e-mail addressed to Keep a copy of your essay for yourself, just in case something goes wrong with the mail.


Put your return e-mail document at the top of the first page of the essay. I will return graded essays within a week after the end of final exams.


Please include the following statement at the end of essays:


Any ideas or language that I have gotten from another source (other than Sallust or class) have been indicated with appropriate bibliographical citations. Any ideas or language not so indicated are my own.


Essays without this statement will be returned as incomplete; incomplete essays must be completed by the due date to receive credit.