LA211A Group Report:


1. Read the remainder of the Catiline in English translation (see links on the class home page).

2. Read Cicero's First Catilinarian oration (delivered in the Senate just as the conspiracy was breaking out).

3. Prepare a report comparing and contrasting the portrait of Catiline (what he's like) in the two works.


The fine print:

Reports should be seven to ten minutes in length. Prepare your report carefully to fit within this time limit. I will cut you off after ten minutes.

Reports will be heard on the weekend of April 28-29.

This is a group report, not a series of individual reports strung together. You should go through the report together and discuss among yourselves each point in the report.

It is OK if only one or two members of the group deliver the actual report. However, since this is a group report, everyone in the group is responsible for anything anyone says as part of the report, and everyone must be present when the report is given.

No PowerPoint.