sight-reading instructions:

spring 2018

The passages for this exam are at the link below.  Choose ONE of the passages to translate.


You have thirty minutes to complete the translation of the passage you have chosen from the time you click on the link below.


You must complete your translation  in one sitting. You may not begin the translation, stop, and then begin it again.


You may use any of the materials on Perseus except the English translations.


You may not use any translation or other commentary on the texts in any language whatsoever.


You may not have anyone help you with the exam.


You may not discuss the exam beforehand with anyone who has already taken it. After you complete the exam you may not discuss it with anyone who has not yet taken it.


Please include the follow statement with your translation:


This translation is entirely my own work. I have not spent more than thirty minutes on the translation. I have and will fully comply with all the instructions on the instruction page.


Send you translation as a Word document attached to an e-mail addressed to Your translation is due on Monday, May 11, at 3:00 pm, but you may submit it at any time between May 2 (the first Reading Day) and then.



link to translation texts