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Research interests

Professor Harding runs an active behavioral neuroscience laboratory with paid, volunteer, and course-credit opportunities for exceptional undergraduate students.  Her primary interests are in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (Hormones and Behavior).  More specifically, she is interested in the role of androgens and androgen receptors in male and female reproductive behaviors, using rodents as a model.  Other interests include (1) the role of steroid hormones in the onset of maternal behavior and developing an animal model for postpartum depression, and (2) the neuroprotective effects of hormones on cognitive decline.  Students in the laboratory become familiar with small animal surgeries and a number of behavioral assays, including copulation tests, tests for sexual motivation (partner preference and conditioned place preference), and tests to measure ultrasonic vocalizations in the presence of sexual stimuli.  Ongoing research has resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


PY 261: Biological Bases of Behavior

PY 271: Psychobiology Lab

PY 272: Hormones and Behavior

PY 290: Drugs and Behavior

PY 101: General Psychology

                                          HR 101: Minds and Bodies