Fairfield University Chapter

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Sigma Xi Poster Session - October 4, 2000

Adam Sheehy and Jennifer Vittorio
The effects of lesions of the medial septal diagonal band complex and/or supra mammallary on working memory in the water maze

Aisha Seyal and Lisa Whitman
Effects of hippocampal disconnection on spatial reversal learning and memory in the water maze

Amy Filipowicz
A study of site fidelity in the Asiatic shore crab (Hemigrapsus sanguineus)

Amy Hurford
Competitive interations between brown trout and slimy sculpin in a Minnesota stream

Bob Porto
Life aboard a schooner: Environmental education in the Pacific Northwest

Carrie Sherwood and Jacque Ciarlo
Analysis of water quality of the three Fairfield river systems

Dana Madeux and Toru Endo
Restoration of freshwater flows to the Everglades-Florida Bay ecosystem: Initial conditions in the sediment

Denise Gauther and John Gregson
Nesting success of diamondback terrapins

Dominik Wiktor
Genetic diversity of diamondback terrapins from Piermont Marsh

Elizabeth Vancza
Nutrient fluxes in the Great South Bay, Long Island, New York

Katherine Hahn and Leslie Pusateri
Isolation of hox-like family members in sponges

Kevin Horne
Event-related potentials as a measure of language cognition

Kristen Bott
The effects of oxidative stress on regulation of AOP2 (Antioxidant protein 2), a gene implicated in atherosclerosis

Mary Lou Lombardi
The Investigation of the regulatory sequences that control AOP2 (Antioxidant protein 2), a gene implicated in atherosclerosis

Paul Bulakowski
Exploratory behavior in infant rats: Group behavior and individual differences

Rachel Murphy, Curtis Campbell and Charles Alt
Ecosystem-level impacts of a wetland invader

Shannon Ballard and Heather Green
Methylation of homocysteine to methionine by 5-methyltetrahydrofolate

Stephanie Fernandez
The role of the atheroslerosis associated gene AOP2 in cell growth in differentiation in human cells

Todd Girard
Isolation of nitrogen fixation (nif) genes from the tropical marine sponge chondrilla nucula

William Schwartz
Transient response of extrinsic photoconductors detector evaluation and modeling for far infrared astronomy

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