Fairfield University Chapter

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society



Some of the attendees at the year-end reception.

Front row: Laura Dancho, Amy Filipowicz, Mary Lou Lombardi, Ed O'Connell
Middle Row: Ray Poincelot, Glenn Sauer, Kraig Steffen, Nancy Haegel, April Hill, Olivia Harriott, Malcolm Hill
Back Row: Virginia Hodgkinson, Diane Brousseau, Leslie Pusateri, Don Telesca, Kate Hahn, Stephanie Fernandez



Student inductees with the President of the Chapter (from left to right)

Mary Lou Lombardi, Leslie Pusateri, Kate Hahn, Malcolm Hill, Don Telesca, Amy Filipowicz, Stephanie Fernandez

(Not pictured: Leontine Gallante, Aishya Seyal, and Al Zullo)