5th Annual Poster Session

Bannow Science Center - MacDonnell Atrium
Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sarah Bachman 05
Sarah Bachman '05 presents her poster entitled, "Effect of feeding by the leather star Dermasterias imbricate on the symbiotic algae in the host Anthopleura elegantissima." Sarah conducted this research at Western Washington University with Dr. Giséle Muller-Parker.
Kathryn Banahan '05 worked with Dr. Jeremy Collie at the University of Rhode Island. She presented her project entitled, "Resource partitioning between four species of flounder in Narragansett Bay"
Kathryn Banahan 05
Stacy DeGabriele 05 with Dr. Phyllis Braun
Stacy DeGabriele '05 describes her research from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia to Dr. Phyllis Braun and students.
Kristen Desy '05 (far right) and Bethany Sprung '05 (front right) conducted research with Dr. Olivia Harriott. Here, they discuss their research project, "Molecular characterization of cyanobacteria populations in local freshwater bodies," with several students.
Kristen Desy 05 and Bethany Sprung 05
Erin Daly '05
Erin Daly '05 and Adam Blom '05 worked with Dr. Matt Kubasik. In this photo, Erin talks about their project, "H/D exchange studies of short helical peptides."
The MacDonnell Atrium from above
Atruim View
Zachary Freedman 05

Zachary Freedman '05 conducted research at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington with Dr. Hugh Lefcort. His topic, "Adult lymnea palustris show preference to heavy metal pollution at low concentrations," was presented.

Cassandra Godman '05 worked with Dr. Glenn Sauer. She presented her project entitled, "Development of RT-PCR techniques for metallothionein detection in human articular chondrocytes."
Cassandra Godman '05
Jessalyn Ierardi 05

Jessalyn Ierardi '05 conducted research at National Marine Fisheries and presented her project, "Effects of temperature on the larval develoment of oyster, Crassostrea virginica"

Julie Gryguc '06 and Kelly Steele '05 worked with Dr. Diane Brousseau. Here, Julie stands with their poster entitled, "Bay scallop growout in Holly Pond, Stamford, Connecticut: A feasibility study."

Julie and Kelly received the College of Arts & Sciences Award for Distinguished Work in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics for this project.
Julie Gryguc '06
Lauren Puma '05

Dr. Linda Henkel's student, Lauren Puma '05, discusses her topic, "Age differentiation in source maturity for naturally occurring conversations."

Carolyn Stankiewicz '05, worked in the lab of Dr. Shelley Phelan. Here, she describes her research, "The role of protein kinase C and MAP kinase in regulating Peroxiredoxin 6 expression," to Dr. Tod Osier.
Carolyn Stankiewicz '05
Talia Pettini '06

Students Talia Pettini '06 and Melissa DeSantis '05, worked with Dr. Elizabeth Gardner (far right) on their project, "Explicit attitudes of Fairfield University undergraduates toward homelessness as an investigation of order effect."

In this photo, Talia discusses their research findings with Dr. Phyllis Braun.

David Wilson '05, student of Dr. Glenn Sauer, presents his research to Kelly Vazquez '04 entitled, "The effects of four different apoptosis inducing agents on the Caspase activity of articular chondrocytes."
David Wilson '05 and Kelly Vazquez '04
Shelley Phelan and Sarah Bachman '05

Sarah Bachman '05 talks with Dr. Shelley Phelan.

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