6th Annual Poster Session

Bannow Science Center - MacDonnell Atrium
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This year's highly successful event featured 29 projects, which involved 44 students in scientific research.
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Caroline Agin and Lauren Blanchette

From AboveNora Lopez with Shelley Phelan

First FloorPhyllis Braun views Caitlin Bickhart's project

Seniors Meghan Dancho, Jen Feagan and Dom PirragliaTalia Pettini

Alison Sikora presents to students and professors Phelan and Sauer

Anne Morris presents to students, and professors Susan Rakowitz and Shannon Harding

Maliha Siddiqui

Stephanie SerpaFr. Von Arx visits the research projects of Talia Perez and Alison Sikora

Bridget Gallagher with Virginia HodgkinsonDanielle Spears

Professor Harding Lab Students

Students Lauren and Caroline with Professor Shannon Harding

Dan Levesque with Tod OsierMaggie Wollschlager

Professor Jack Beal reads about sponge-bacteria symbionts

Professors Matt Kubasik and Jen Klug discuss student's research

Jessica Cataldo describes her research to Professor  Braginsky

Samantha Lipinsky describes her research to Professor Phyllis Braun

Melissa Wright presents her psychology research to students and Professor Rakowitz

Nicole Carlson with her parents and Shelley Phelan.  Nicole describes research to Professor Geoff Church

Kyle D'Abrosca and Caroline Agin present their project to Professor BealEvent  in full swing.

Jessica Curtis presents her math project to Dean Timothy Snyder

The Cross-Race Effect

Janelle Buckley and Patrick Dameron - Engineering Heart Monitor Project

Junior Hein Le presents her project to LaQueta Hudson

Engineering Students present their Renewable Hydrogen Energy Project

Professor Linda Henkle with Melissa Wright

Kristina Chomick, Jamie Versace and Cagney Rignaldi with Professor Braginsky

Students and Professors Sawin, Kubasik and Harriott gather around the refreshments

Junior Michael Talmadge presents his physics project to students and Fr. Von Arx

Erika Vieira

Views from above

See you next year....



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