Reception & Induction Ceremony
MacDonnell Atrium - Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Students and faculty inductees were welcomed with a champagne brunch reception.

Breakfast Buffet

Students, faculty and family mingle before the ceremony.


Adam King, Chapter President signals the beginning of the ceremony.


Vera Cherepinsky is inducted as a faculty full member by chapter president, Adam King.
Angela Biselli
(not in photo) also received a full membership certificate.

Vera Cherepinsky

Students are presented with their Associate Member certficates and receive their graduation cords.
(hold curser over photo to view description)

Hilary Dwyer was presented by Professor Stephen Sawin

Phyllis Braun awards her student, Dan Levesque

Shelley Phelan with her students, Nicole Carlson and Bridget Gallagher

Talia Pettini receives her award from Professor Elizabeth Gardner

Professor Tod Osier describes research by his student, Anne Morris

Stephanie Hohler and Jessica Cataldo receive their certificates from Professor Linda Henkel

Professor Glenn Sauer presents certificates and cords to students Alison Sikora and Maryellen Pribish

Erika Vieira smiles as Professor Kraig Steffen talks about her research in chemistry

Posing with family.....

Dan Levesque with his mom

Nicole Carlson and mom

and faculty.....

Professor Shelley Phelan with Bridget Gallagher and Nicole Carlson; Professors Virginia Hodgkinson and Shelley Phelan with Bridget Gallagher

Anne Morris with Professors Tod Osier and Jen Klug

Professor Glenn Sauer with student Alison Sikora

Students Jessica Curtis, Christopher Miller, and Melissa Wright were unable to attend this event.
Certificates and graduation cords were presented to these students separately.

Michael Talmadge was inducted as a Junior and did not attend this event.
He received his certificate separately and will receive the graduation cord prior to the 2007 commencement ceremony.


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