Reception & Induction Ceremony
Alumni House - Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This year, the Fairfield University Chapter of Sigma Xi inducted three faculty members and 17 student associate members at the Year-End Reception and Induction Ceremony.


The Awards


The 2007 Inductees

Standing: Jessica Davis, Ph.D., Margaret Curran, JoAnn Paradis Ornelas, Caitlin Quinn, Erica Sabella, Michael Shinall, Michael Zaffetti, Jonathan Velotta, Michael Talmadge, Jaimee Versace, Michael Pirrotta, Amanda Harper, Ph.D.
Sitting: Meghan Popick, Pryce Gaynor, Anna Murphy

Missing from photo: James Biardi, Ph.D., Brian Walker, Ph.D., Rachel Abenavoli, Jessica Kurose, Alison Mattessich, Nicole Mitchell

Photo gallery from the event. Please pause curser over photo to view descriptions.

Dr. Jack Beal awards Physics researchers, Michael Talmadge and Michael Zaffetti

Margaret Curran, Dr  Kraig Steffen and Dr. Linda Henkel sample the breakfast buffet.

Dr. Diane Brousseau awards her student, Anna Murphy for her research in marine biology.

Dr. Joe Dennin awards Margaret Curran for her research in mathematics.

JoAnn Paradis Ornelas and Erica Sabella are awarded certificates and cords by Dr. Betsy Gardner for their research in psychology.

Dr. Linda Henkel awards student Michael Pirrotta with his Sigma Xi certificate and graduation cord.

Jon Velotta listens as Dr. Glenn Sauer reads a message from his professor, Dr. Brian Walker, who could not attend the event.

Caitlin Quinn is recognized by Dr. Matt Kubasik for her research in Chemistry

Dr. Shelley Phelan praises her students, Meghan Popick and Pryce Gaynor for their research in cell biology.

Dr. Kraig Steffen awards Michael Shinall for his research in chemistry.

Jaimee Versace is recognized for her research in psychology by Dr. Dorthea Braginsky


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