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Overview of Fairfield IRB

The primary goal of the Fairfield University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to protect the rights and welfare of people who participate as subjects in research activities conducted under the auspices of Fairfield University. Researchers submit proposals for the research to the IRB to review before the researcher begins recruiting or testing participants. The IRB performs prospective and continuing review of protocols, the informed consent process, and the procedures used to enroll subjects in order to ensure that the research is conducted ethically and in compliance with federal guidelines for research ethics and institutional requirements.

Detailed information about the federal guidelines and how to determine whether the research you are planning to conduct needs to be reviewed by the IRB and how to submit protocols can be found on this website. If you have questions about the process of IRB review, please contact the IRB Chair.

For information regarding federal regulations and the ethics of research involving human subjects, see the Code of Federal Regulations.

Guides for submitting and updating protocols, along with external documents concerning IRB regulations can be found at the “Submitting Your IRB Protocol” link in the navigation menu. Additional information can be found under the “Help” link in the navigation menu.

For complete information on the protocol submission and review process, please see our Standard Operating Procedures.

Fairfield University IRB Members

Alison Kris, Chairperson
Anne Campbell
Linda Henkel
David Schmidt (non-scientific member)
Anne Swallow (non-affiliated member)
William Vasquez Mazariegos
Qin Zhang

Alternate: John Kiweewa
Alternate: David Crawford
Alternate: Julie Peters (non-scientific member)

IRB Administrative Liaison

Julie Peters

For contact information, please see the Contact page under Help in the menu.

Upcoming Meetings

Make your submission at least one week before the meeting date if it needs to be reviewed by the full board.