Greater Glory Our History

For the Greater Glory Our Spirituality

Like all members of the Society of Jesus worldwide, Fairfield Jesuits are on a mission, doing God’s work through a variety of ministries.

We are involved in Education

Fairfield University is one of twenty-eight coeducational colleges and universities affiliated with the Society of Jesus in the United States. Fairfield Jesuits work within the university, collaborating side by side with our lay colleagues as professors, administrators and chaplains

Fairfield Preparatory School is one of 46 secondary schools founded by the Society in the United States. Community members serve as teachers, chaplains and administrators at Prep.

We are involved in Spiritual Ministries

Ignatian spirituality, the vision of the relationship between God and the human person grounded in the mystical experiences of Saint Ignatius, has its primary expression in his book of Spiritual Exercises. Using the Spiritual Exercises, Jesuits at Fairfield are engaged in spiritual direction of students, staff, faculty and friends.

We are involved in Pastoral Ministries

As our brothers do through out the United States, members of the Fairfield Jesuit community serve the Church celebrating Mass, performing marriages, baptisms, and other sacramental ministries in neighboring parishes in Fairfield County and the metropolitan area.

We are involved in Social Ministries

While all Jesuit ministries seek to respond to important human needs, social ministries work with and for those people whose needs arise from their social marginalization. Some members of the Jesuit Community at Fairfield are directly involved in work with the social problems of our day.