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November 1, 2018



November 2, 2018

Through this conference, we

We are now accepting submissions for our Festschrift! See details here.

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About the Conference

The New York Group Theory seminar, which now runs Friday afternoons at the City University Graduate Center, is the world’s longest-running group theory seminar. For over sixty years, the Group Theory Seminar has been crucial to the research efforts and accomplishments of the New York group theory community. Our two-day conference will honor the achievements of the seminar and be in memory of the long-time seminar leader, Gilbert Baumslag, who died four years ago. Through his students and his own work, Gilbert inspired a great deal of the research done by the seminar’s participants, many of whom have been attending the seminar throughout their professional lives. The conference will also celebrate the seventieth birthdays of two long-time participants, Ben Fine and Tony Gaglione, both of whom have worked closely with Gilbert and with many other people associated with the seminar.

Over the past twenty years, there has been tremendous progress in both infinite group theory and the interactions of group theory with logic and cryptography. Many of these ideas came together in the monumental proof (by Kharlampovich and Miasnikov and, independently, by Sela) of the Tarski conjectures on free groups. To show an appreciation of these achievements that arose from the Group Theory seminar, and to honor the causes listed above, we are holding our two-day conference, November 1-2, 2018. The speakers are predominantly people associated with the Group Theory Seminar. Thursday November 1 will be at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut, while Friday November 2 will be at the Graduate Center of CUNY at 34th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Fairfield University will host a dinner and birthday party, free of charge to conference participants, on Thursday evening.


Schedule (updated 10/30/18)

Abstracts (updated 10/30/18)

Conference Dinner:

There will be a conference dinner and celebration Thursday night at 6 PM in the Alumni House, hosted by Fairfield University. The banquet is free to conference participants.

List of Speakers:

Marianna Bonanome – New York City University of Technology
Anthony Clement – CUNY
Volker Diekert – University of Stuttgart
Jonathan Gryak - University of Michigan
Neha Hooda - Fairfield University
Ilya Kapovich – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Olga Kharlampovich – CUNY
Martin Kreuzer – University of Passau
Alexei Miasnikov – Stevens Institute of Technology
Barry Mittag – Western Connecticut State University
Walter Neumann - Columbia University
Gerhard Rosenberger – University of Hamburg
Lev Shneerson – CUNY
Vladimir Shpilrain – CUNY
Mahmood Sohrabi - Stevens Institute of Technology
Dennis Spellman – Temple University
Ben Steinberg – CUNY
Zoran Sunic – Hofstra University
Al Thaler - National Science Foundation
Sasha Ushakov – Stevens Institute of Technology

Festschrift Volume:

We will be publishing a Festschrift volume through deGruyter. We are currently accepting submissions for the volume. Interested parties should send their submission to Ben Fine and/or Paul Baginski. Please submit a title and approximate number of pages by December 1, 2018. The deadline for submitting the full paper is January 31, 2019.


Fairfield, Connecticut and New York City are connected by the Metro North rail line (New Haven Branch). In New York City, the local station is Grand Central Station at 42nd Street. It is a 15-20 minute walk from Grand Central to the Graduate Center. In Fairfield, the local station is Fairfield Station (not Fairfield Metro!). Fairfield University is a 15-20 minute walk from the station. Tickets may be bought in the station from kiosks or, for a hefty surcharge, on the train. Fares differ whether the trip is during peak or non-peak hours.


Participants who are driving to Fairfield's campus may park on campus, including in areas designated for faculty. Participants are asked to put a paper in their front windshield saying "MATH CONFERENCE" to identify their vehicles to the parking authorities.

Organizing Committee:

Paul Baginski (Fairfield)
Ben Fine (Fairfield)
Gerhard Rosenberger (University of Hamburg)
Vladimir Shpilrain (CUNY Graduate Center)