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IS 240: Systems Analysis & Logical Design
Fall 2010

Course Description
Students learn to elicit, organize, and analyze requirements for new and existing information systems. Coverage emphasizes current practice; including use case analysis, the Unified Modeling Language, and iterative project methodologies. CASE tools are used as appropriate. As part of a team project, students develop requirements for a database application of limited scope and then prototype and/or evaluate systems that meet the requirements. Prerequisite: IS100

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the rudiments of systems analysis, including assessing business needs, articulating needs into projects, assessing project feasibility, and specifying functional and information requirements.
  • To develop communication skills needed to carry out systems analysis.
  • To gain proficiency with the tools of the trade.
  • To complement other courses in project management, database management, and application development.

            Vishnu Vinekar
            Dolan School of Business, Room 1117
            Phone: (203) 254-4000 x2831
            Email: v vinekar [AT] fairfield [DOT] edu
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00-2:30pm and 6:15-7pm. Thursdays 6:15-7pm. Other times are by appointment only.

 Satzinger, Jackson, and Burd. 2008. Systems Analysis & Design in a Changing World, Fifth Edition, Thompson. 

Student Responsibilities/Grading Criteria

  • Quizzes (15% weight each). There will be three quizzes, each covering a few chapters of the textbook plus any class notes or other materials.
  • Team Assignments (50% weight).  Each team will complete three short projects designed to illustrate how the theory applies to a real project. Work is completed in groups of 4 students each, with exceptions permitted only with the explicit permission of the instructor.  To ensure that each team has sufficient diversity and depth to complete the projects, the instructor will review all teams and make adjustments as needed.
  • Conspicuous Professionalism (5%). Every student will start out the semester with 5 professionalism points toward their course grade. Unprofessional behavior (e.g., showing up unprepared for class) will result in points being deducted. Conversely, conspicuous sustained professionalism will result in up to 5 extra credit points being added as warranted.
  • Homework Exercises (non-graded). Homework and extra reading assignments will be assigned to help you prepare for class and quizzes. No attempt will be made to grade homework, though you are welcome to request feedback and guidance from the instructor as needed.

Grading Policies

  • Grades become final one week after assignments have been
  • Some assignments are graded provisionally, with the
    expectation that you will revise to improve your grade.
  • Assignments and exams are not collaborative unless you
    have been explicitly told otherwise. Violation of this policy will
    result in an automatic F for the course. You have been
  • Do your own work, even on the group assignments. While the University's plagiarism policy does not generally apply to the kind of creative/novel work in this class, you are still expected to “pledge” assignments when required by your instructor. Failure to do so results in a zero for the assignment.

Course Calendar

The following is subject to change. Monitor the website for announcements. Items in italics are carried out with your project teams.

Week Lecture Topics & Exercises Reading
Sept 2 Introduction  
Sept 7 The Systems Analyst Ch 1
Sept 14 Development Strategies Ch 2
Sept 21 Project Initiation and Planning, Project #1 Due Ch 3
Sept 28 Project Initiation Workshop  
Oct 5 Quiz #1, System Requirements Ch 4
Oct 12 No Tuesday class, Requirements Modeling Overview Ch 5
Oct 19 Requirements Modeling Overview Project #2 Due Ch 5
Oct 26 Use Case & Process Modeling  
Nov 2 Quiz #2, Entity Modeling  
Nov 9 OO Analysis, UC Diagrams Ch 7
Nov 16 SS Diagrams, CASE Tools  
Nov 23 No Class  
Nov 30 System Evaluation, Quiz #3 Ch 8
Dec 7 Project #3 Practice  

Final Project Presentations: Friday, December 17th @ 3:00pm

The instructor reserves the right to change the course schedule. All changes will be announced in class. It is your responsibility to keep track of any changes.