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**The Fairfield REU Program is on hiatus for the 2019 and 2020 summers..**

The Fairfield University Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program in Mathematics and Computational Science is an eight-week summer program that provides active and original research opportunities for undergraduates. Student participants will work in small groups on focused research topics under the guidance of a Fairfield faculty mentor. We provide stipends and free housing on Fairfield's campus located just north of New York City. more...

Projects 2016

This year's program runs from May 30, 2016 - July 22, 2016.


research imageFactorization Properties of Rings and Monoids
Faculty Mentor: Paul Baginski

Many areas of mathematics involve the process of factoring one object into a product of simpler objects. For example, integers are factored as products of primes and polynomials are factored as products of irreducible polynomials. We can say "the" factorization, because factorizations are unique in the integers... more...



research imageChaos and Integrability in Mathematical Billiards
Faculty Mentor: Mark Demers

Mathematical billiards are systems of point particles colliding with fixed boundaries. Their importance to mathematical physics stems from the fact that they are the simplest mathematically solvable systems that model the transport of mass and energy from deterministic microscopic dynamics. The behavior of such systems is known to depend strongly on the geometric properties... more...



research imageGraph Theory and Commutative Algebra
Faculty Mentor: Janet Struili

In this project, we will explore the connections between graph theory and commutative algebra. Graphs identify ideals in polynomial rings, and in particular so-called cover and edge ideals are the most studied. The study of the invariant associated to those ideals reveals properties of the original graph. more...



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.



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